So many values - What is GPU-temp, cpu-temp etc.?


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Hello guys,

I have already got my new computer and now i want to watch it while gaming with the gadget on my second monitor. But which values are the most important?

I want to see following:
1) CPU: Core 0-3: Temperature, Usage

2) Total CPU-Usage
3) GPU: Temperature, VRAM-Usage, Fanspeed
5) FPS

Okay, FPS is easy to find, but for the other there are so many different values. Can you help me to find it please?
Let's do it with the numbering above:
1) Temperature for Core 0-3 is "Core #x (CPU [#0]: Intel Xeon....", right?
    What is Core 0-3 Usage? There are Thread-Usage, but is this Core-Usage? Every core has 2 threads, right?
    What is Distance to TjMAX?

2) Total-Usage is "Total CPU Usage (CPU [#0]: Intel Xeon....", right?

3) What should I take for GPU-Temperature? "GPU Thermal Diode" or "GPU VRM Temperature1" or "GPU VRM Temperature2"? What is the difference?
     For GPU-Fanspeed I can take "GPU Fan Speed", right?
     What value stands for the VRAM-Usage?

4) I can't find this, how do i get it?
5) Okay, that is easy.

I hope you can help me!

1. That's right.
If the CPU supports Hyperthreading, then each core can have 2 threads and this is then shown in HWiNFO as "Core #N Thread #N Usage".
"Distance to TjMAX" means how much room there is to the critical CPU temperature (so this is the opposite of the temperature).
2. Right.
3. "GPU Thermal Diode" is the internal temperature of the GPU chip. "GPU VRM Temperature" is the temperature of the GPU voltage regulator circuit.
4. ...
5. Correct.
RAM usage is "Physical Memory Load" and VRAM usage depends on GPU. For NVIDIA it's "GPU Memory Usage", for AMD there's no percentage available as the GPU doesn't provide such information.
HWiNFO reports the same values as GPU-Z: "GPU D3D Memory Dedicated" and "GPU D3D Memory Dynamic". However, this is not the exact physical GPU memory consumed under all circumstances, it covers the Direct3D usage only and is not expressed in percent of the total memory usage.
It is not known how to report the VRAM usage percentage for AMD GPUs. AMD has never disclosed how to report this, so it might be a GPU limitation.