SSD/HDD power-on hours


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I've recently used CrystalDiskInfo to check the health of my hard drives, and I noticed some information showing Power On Count and Power On Hours.

Is there a setting (apart from the default settings) in HWI's settings dialog box that I can activate to show this info?

I understand that in HWI there is already SMART warning before the drive ultimately fails, but in my case seeing a drive that is quite old gives me a heads-up before I even get a SMART warning. Also one never knows how long before the drive ultimately fails after I receive a SMART warning.



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Sure, just browse the main HWiNFO window (with a tree on left side) and the drive item will show complete SMART details.
Thanks for the quick reply, Martin.

By "main HWINFO window", did you mean the sensors window?

I've been using on my Rainmeter skin the following SMART information from HWI's sensor page for a long time now, see attached image.


But I was just wondering if the total POWER ON COUNT and total POWER ON HOURS of the drives are available in HWI. In my original post's attachment/screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo screen, the power on count and hours are shown.



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No, I meant a different window, which is not shown if you're running in "Sensors-only" mode.
You will need to deactivate the "Sensors-only" mode and then you get another main window with lots of other details including full SMART data.
Oooh, okay. I've been using HWINFO is sensors-only mode for a long time I have forgotten about that window.

Thanks again.