Steamdeck all core sensor


Hi goodevening ,
My name is Michel and looking forward to buy this program but i have a problem.
I cant figure out where the al core sensor is for my streamdeck.
My CPU is 12900K and the onley al core i can find is for the e-core.
MHz Ring/LLC Clock is the one i selected (reads e-core onley it seems) ,cause there is no other option for al core (MHz).
I checked al 12900K sensor on streamdeck but cant find it.
Can you help me with it pls ?
Thank you.

Are you using the latest version of HWiNFO and Streamdeck plugin?
What sensors do you see in HWiNFO and which ones does Streamdeck offer to you? Please tell me the exact name in HWiNFO you don't see in Streamdeck.
I see the core clock in HWiNFO but not in the streamdeck.
Streamdeck is onley offering me MHz Ring/LLC Clock.
Using the latest of both programs.
Streamdeck HWiNFO 2.0.3
HWiNFO 7.22-4731
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This is quite weird as there's no reason for the plugin not to list all clocks. You should see all values as shown in HWiNFO sensors window.
Can you please post a screenshot of what values from the CPU sensor does Streamdeck show you?
Hope this helps.


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I can see all "P-core XX Clock" and "E-core XX Clock" values listed there.
So you're looking for a single core clock value representing the whole CPU package?
There's no such value as each core can run at a different clock and the "Core Clocks" aggregated value shown in HWiNFO is not something real, just an arithmetic average value of all core clock values.
If you still want to have such value you'll need to create a Custom User Sensor to calculate an average: