Stuck on SCSI /ATA detection


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since using HWiNFO 7.50 and later versions, the program takes a long time when detecting SCSI / ATA.

It stays there for about 20 seconds, then continues normally. Reverting to 7.46 and everything is normal again.

I attached two debug logs. One for 7.46 and one for 7.62.


  • HWiNFO64-7.46.DBG
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  • HWiNFO64-7.62.DBG
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There is a USB Card Reader connected. Does the large delay happen when you disconnect it?
Yes, an external card reader is attached.

When I unplug it, HWiNFO starts without any delay.

Any clue why there was no problem with 7.46 ?
Later HWiNFO versions added new methods to detect USB-attached drives and it seems that this Card reader takes an excessive time to respond to those commands.
I will try to workaround this in the next build.
Thanks Martin for your quick support. Highly appreciated!

If it's of interest: The card reader I'm using is LogiLink CR0042 USB 3.0 Hub + All-in-One Card Reader.
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