[Suggestion] Intel GPU Usage Breakdown


Currently, HWiNFO only reports 'GPU D3D Usage' - which actually seems to be only the 'EU Engine Usage' - for systems using Intel's iGPUs.

I would like to request a breakdown of this into various components (on supported GPUs):

(1) EU Engine Usage %
(2) GHAL 3D %
(3) MFX Decode Usage %
(4) MFX Encode Usage %
(5) OpenCL / MDF Usage %

For reference, I am attaching a screenshot with the Intel GPU Performance Analyzer Tool which has these (and more) components being tracked.


Background: I am trying to determine resource usage during Netflix playback. With Skylake, it looks like there is 0 EU usage, so HWiNFO reports only small numbers of the order of 0.05%. The GPU's media decode / post processing engines are being definitely used, but I am unable to track what is the load percentage for these. Unfortunately, since the Intel GPU Performance Analyzer Tool happens to be a profiling tool, the Netflix app refuses to play back videos when it is active. So, I can't get an idea of the full details of the resource usage in that scenario at all.



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Yes, that would be nice. But the problem is how to report that? ;) I assume that Intel tool is using some proprietary methods which I don't think Intel will disclose. Not even under NDA... Besides some GPU-related information publicly released for the Linux community, Intel is keeping the rest of their iGPU information extremely secret.