Hello Martin,

I've got some questions / suggestions for HWiNFO.

1. The "Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows" ( USB\VID_045E&PID_02FE ) is listed in the Device Manager in Windows as a network adapter. Although this adapter is used to connect Xbox controllers and other Xbox devices, e.g. headsets. That's why HWiNFO lists this device as a network adapter too. But there is no network traffic. I think this device should be ignored by HWiNFO, since there is no data, that could be read or shown.

2. The system memory is listed in HWiNFO in several flavors, e.g. usage (in MB) and load (in percentage). It would be great, if you could add a load / percentage column for GPU memory. I'd prefer a percentage value in my overlay while gaming. In my case, this would be for an AMD GPU.

3. An option would be great to change the number of digits shown for all values with the same unit at once. For example: I think it's quite useless to show the power consumption with 3 digits (e.g. 345.678 Watts). But it is tedious to search and change every value one after another. That's why I'd hope to see a setting to change the number of digits by units (V, A, W, MHz, %, rpm).

1. Please attach the HWiNFO Report or Debug File so I can check why is this showing up and how to filter that out.
2. GPU memory is a bit different as we don't know what's the maximum usable GPU memory. The framebuffer is doesn't equal total GPU memory capacity.
my debug file is 2.06 MByte... that's too large to attach. So only the report file.

I don't get the problem with the VRAM load. HWiNFO knows the physical memory present on the video card, e.g. it is shown in the summary tab. And there is the "GPU memory usage" entry in the sensor tab. Why not simply divide those to numbers to get a percentage? It's the "physical memory load" of the system RAM calculated the same way? Is it possible to add a sensor read out by myself, like "GPU memory usage" divided by the physical VRAM multiplied by 100 to get a percentage number?


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Thanks, the "Xbox Wireless Adapter" will be filtered out in the next build.
thank you for the tutorial link. I made a custom sensor

I still don't understand your concerns. I honestly don't understand the difference of the GPU D3D Memory Dedicated, GPU D3D Memory Dynamic and GPU Memory Usage values in the sensor tab. I chose the the latter one and divided it through the total physical VRAM of my GPU (24GB written in MB), that should be as far as I understand the GPU Memory Load.

Keep up the great work. HWiNFO is the best hardware tool in existance :cool:

the new Build of HWiNFO does not completely filter/ignore the XBox Wireless Adapter as a network device. In the "Main Window", the XBox is no longer listed under network devices. But it is still present in the sensor window, but now it is no longer showing its name. Its juist a blank "Network:" device with zero readings.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I found the problem, should be fixed in the next build.