Support for Corsair Power Supplies


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is it possible to add support for CorsairLink (e.g. Corsair AX760i)? This allows to read power input and output, efficiency, fan speed, and internal temperature. I would be glad to view this informations in HWInfo.

Greetings Arek
I'm afraid, but Corsair doesn't want to release information about this interface, so that it would allow other application to support it.
To put long story short - if you can persuade Corsair to release the interface, then you get support.

I agree that it will be cool! :D ...but you have to push them...
I have tried to implement support of CorsairLink and actually I'm able to communicate with my H80i device and read data from it.


Unfortunately, the CorsairLink protocol has a huge drawback - it cannot be used by multiple applications simultaneously, otherwise it would cause interference. So for example if the CorsairLINK software is installed (which I believe is the case for almost all users) and HWiNFO would communicate with the Corsair device too, both tools would be conflicting with each other causing issues. I believe this is one of the reason why Corsair doesn't want to give out information about this protocol.
So I'm afraid, I cannot release such feature, because it would cause more problems than advantages :(
I don't have one of these power supplies personally just in the interests of those who do...

Would it not be possible to add support for it but leave it disabled by default. For advanced users have an option somewhere to enable this (options window, ini file edit, whatever).

Option 2 - If the CorsairLink software is installed, I'm sure it runs as a system service. Check to see if the service is running (or if the application process is running) - if so, don't try to read values. Display a window (such as the slow sensor window I get on my Dell laptops) that says CorsairLink is running, disabling readings.... etc.

This could be a good opportunity to build the framework into HWInfo to check for conflicting software. Not just for CorsairLink but for any other tools monitoring other sensors today and in the future. :)