system auto not being kept

Every time my system starts (hwinfo in sensor mode) I click the System Auto option which makes its surround blue indicating it has been accepted.
If I select hwinfo via active tasks and select sensors the System Auto is not selected.
In either case when I do select the System Auto option the fan process changes (stops, speed change, or starts).
This implies the setting is not being retained so how can I get it set and retained?
System Auto is the default system fan control mode. HWiNFO sends this command when you push that button, what happens internally is completely in the hands of the system firmware.
Ok. Thanks. So the fact that the System Auto is not showing as active is just a lack of a function to update the UI to show the default.
If I set the option to Custom Auto does that setting get remembered or is that also not shown at start or via right mouse on the started app?
Yes, there's no indication of System Auto mode being active or not.
The Custom Auto mode and its settings are preserved when you close HWiNFO.