System fan sensor not showing for MSI Unify x570


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The sensor for the system fan is not showing for the MSI x570 Unify motherboard. At least not that I can find.

it shows up in aida64


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This board has several System fans. I can see the one you're looking for being reported as PUMP in HWiNFO.
Hmm you are right. That is actually the pump RPM's, not even a fan. I guess for some reason it doesn't report the speed from the system fans even though they show up in the bios.
Not sure if I understand what's the problem. Can you attach screenshot from BIOS and HWiNFO showing the fans?
Sorry for the confusion. I think I figured it out.

So I have a bunch of Lian-Li unifans connected to their USB hub. This USB hub is connected to the motherboard sysfan 3 connector.
However, the cable that connects is only a single wire to the PWM pin, so it is not reporting a fan speed and thus HWiNFO isn't showing the sensor.

So only question I would have is, is it possible to get readings from the Lian Li fan hub like it is able to get readings from the Kraken?
I don't have information how to read detailed fan speeds from that hub, most likely it's some proprietary protocol. Maybe they ship some software with it that's able to do that.