System Freezes upon activating Sensors - still


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Hi there,
I have the exact same problem as in this thread from 2013: [solved]  System Freezes upon activating Sensors (Or starting Sensors Only)
Windows freezes completely when clicking on sensors or starting with sensors only, I can't even move the mouse any more, only way out is the power button.
Disabling SW SMI prevents freezing. Also, it does not freeze in debug mode, but I'm attaching the dump anyway. System Summary is also attached. HWINFO64 Version is 4.48-2350. All drivers up to date, since it's a brand new PC ;)

Correction: Did some further freeze testing (praise the SSD for boot times!). It never freezes when pressing the sensor button in the main window. It always freezes when starting with "sensors only", even with "GPU I2C Support" and "SW SMI" disabled. In debug mode, HWinfo does not even start (not responding), or it just takes forever (>1 min) to start.


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I'm not sure what the attached Debug File exactly captures, but I don't think it does capture the freeze.
Please repeat the test and make sure that the machine freezes while creating the dump. Then reboot and attach it here. Note, that while running in Debug Mode it can take significant longer, especially when the dump is being created on a USB or SSD drive, so please have patience.
You might also try to disable Drive Scan to see if that can fix it.
Well, it definitely does not crash in debug mode. Took 7 minutes to start (HWinfo is on HDD, not SSD) with sensors only checked (where it crashes without debug mode).
With Disabled Drive Scan it does not freeze (debug=0).
In that case I think the storage drivers (Intel RST?) are the issue. These are known to cause such problems and sometimes upgrading/downgrading can help. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a certain recommended version for RST.