Temperature 3 80°C ???


my question is: what is the Temperature 3 on a Gigabyte GA 870A-UD3 rev2.1?
i have by Temperature 3 always by current, min, max 80°C.

and what is Temperature 1 and 2?
It is possible that the 3rd temperature is invalid, thus please send or attach a HWiNFO32 Report File with sensor data, so I can check more precisely.
Also please check in BIOS or via Gigabyte Easy Tune (or similar tool) what temperatures it displays.
Please tell me what temperatures you see in the Easy Tune and then I can fix it.
Best would be a screenshot of this tool
here is a screenshot from easy tune 6 HW Monitor


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Thanks for all the data.
The "Temperature 3" is most probably an invalid reading that I'll remove from reporting. I'll also adjust the other temperature, voltage and fan readings to report correct labels and values for this mainboard. It will be available in the next Beta release.