Temperature 5 on drives


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So I just got a new PC and I am looking at the thermals of two SSDs that I have

Here's my specs if needed:
[Case] Ghost S1 Limestone
[Motherboard] Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi
[CPU] AMD Ryzen 3900x 3.8GHz 12 core
[CPU Cooler] Noctua NH-L12
[GPU] Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce OC
[RAM] GSkill Ripjaws V 32GB (16GBx2) 3600MHz CL16 (Removed heatsinks)
[Storage] Crucial P1 1TB x 2 [PSU] Corsair SF750

So temperature 1 and 2 are fine, they peak to 55C at max load. However, temperature 5 is showing be terrible temps.
I was downloading a game at 85MB/s (which is not even the full load of the SSD) and I hit 103C on temperature 5.
Should I be worried? Is the temperature reading wrong? Is it a bad sensor?

The picture shows the readings. I stopped the download before it kept going higher.


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How's the airflow to/over the drives? Did you remove any plastic protections from the thermal pads on the heatsinks (if any)?

Unfortunately I have no idea what this temperature is supposed to represent; the other temperature values seem fine.

I don't know either what exactly this temperature represents, but it should be a valid one.
You should check this with the vendor (Crucial) as their customer, perhaps they will provide some clues.
Are there any news on this ... @Samirifai ?
I have the exact same problem, customer support told me there are only 2 temperatures, not 3 as per HWinfo. Their own software "Crucial Storage Executive" shows only two temps, which are the ones that are fine. This software also reports that the status of the drive is fine.

They want to write me an email with more details, I will report here when I know more.

Seems this NVMe M.2 Drive has temperature issues in general despite the new firmware update. I have also put RaspberryPi Heatsinks on it...
The NVMe specification supports up-to 8 temperature sensors. HWiNFO respects this and report all values it finds reported by the drive.
So either this is some bug in the firmware, or the value is valid and the vendor doesn't want it to be public.
Thanks Martin for shedding some light on this.
I have an email now directly from Crucial saying that the relevant temperatures (Temperature Sensor 1 and Temperature Sensor 2) are the NAND-Flash temps. They are available at the SMART Data Offset 1 and represent the average temperature for the NANDs.
Temperature 5 is the temp of the controller which "could sometimes be higher than 70 degrees Celsius."

Do we know if that is ok? Or should we be worried about data loss if any of the temperatures being read out is so significantly high?
I think that >90C is too high for the controller and it will start throttling due to exceeding the threshold.
Yes, and so it does keeping it at a steady 89° when installing large software or copying large files. Afterwards the temperatures drops immediately and seems to balance itself out.
All good after all it seems despite the fact that this drive has a tendency of heating up quickly.

Thanks for your input and help.
hi, registered here just to confirm your information about the issue - my P1 which is installed in SFF case is constantly getting at 95° C and stays at 60° C at idle. If I have known that before, I would not buy this drive for a SFF system.
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Hi, same as sp_00n above. I've gotten temperatures as high as 91C on temp 5 in HWiNFO64. I'm running it in an RVZ-01 SFFPC so there really isn't a lot of wiggle-room with the thermals. I've been in contact with support trying to discover the operating temperature range for the controller chip, but it's frustrating to find this hidden heat source.
I have temps as high as 103C being reported. A google search told me that if the SSD hits 70C, it is supposed to slow down or halt but, I've not seen any sort of decrease in performance at all while my computer is hovering around the 100C mark during games. Ark, for example, is very intense on all of the hardware. Loading huge chunks of data from the drive every time you fly from one region to another. I have my stats normally display in F, I swapped to C for this screenshot. I also temporarily maxed out my CPU and GPU fans for a while to cool things down. Before hand, the "current" temp of one of them was actually around 90C and just sitting there at around 90C. I'm starting to wonder if these temps aren't accurate though.


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Those values are as accurate as the drive's firmware reports them.
So how is it the drives are still operating flawlessly? I mean damn, they run hotter than the rest of the system. Idling at higher than the CPU and GPU temperature.
Hello, I've just found this forum after a day researching, I have same issue except I'm getting temperatures up to 100C.
Drive has been operating without any issue for 2 years now and in the last 3 days I've had sistem with problem described below once a day yesterday twice.
Seems like my drive decides to die and I wont blame it, the screen goes black and pc keeps been on but no sound played, no response from it.
Temperatures seem to be reported correctly as I got my thermocouple there with a couple degrees difference.
Thanks a lot for the help! I'm gonna head to the store to get a fan and stick it onto it!