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First of alle, I hope my English will be good enough, I have learned English in the sixties!

Some weeks ago I bought a Asrock J3455B mini ITX, so with a celeron J3455.
The cooling is passive.
In the specs I saw that these processor consumes 8-10 Watt.
I choose a MS-Tech CI-100 case, a tiny tower, fanless.

So I was very curious to see, what the temperatures would be running the program HeavyLoad.
I stopped this program seeing 70 degrees of Celcius. at Core #0,1,2,3.

I saw this temperatures with the sensors of HWinfo 5.42.
But I also ran HWmonitor 1.3 ans Speedfan 4.52.
These 2 last programs show less temps, but mostly equal to HWinfo.

But what are all these temps.
I understand, that core #0 is a sensor in the processor and CPU the sensor in the socket.
I also understand, that the core #0 sensor is the one, that the bios uses to shut down the system if the temp becomes critical.
Is this correct?
See my attachment with the temps of the 3 programs.

I know that running HeavyLoad is not the daily practice.
Running now a youtube movie of the Rolling Stones, the temp is 38 - 42 Celcius.
I want still install Kodi to get a media player and also do some internet activities, mail and will use Word, Excel.

But I will appriciate if someone will / can explain my measures.

Thanks for that.


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You described it very well, there's not much I can add to it.
Core # sensors (and CPU IA Cores) are the internal CPU temperatures, these are the most important ones. CPU Graphics, System Agent and ISP are internal temperatures of additional CPU parts. "CPU" temperature under the Nuvoton sensor is the temperature measured inside/close to the socket, so this is the "external" CPU temperature.
Running CPU at ~70 C is no problem, also for much longer time (even 24/7). As you can see based on the "Distance to Tj,max" values, there's still enough thermal headroom. These values determine how much room is left from the critical (maximum) temperature (= Tj,max), so 0 here means the CPU has reached the maximum allowed temperature and in such case automatic thermal throttling will be engaged.
After mounting a silent fan of 80mm at the left side of the case, the Core temps got a max of 50 degrees Celcius!