Tested on Windows ME, a system will freeze when HWiNFO32 is launched on VIA VT82C693 chipset


All components are known to be working. The only change that seems to upset HWiNFO is the chipset. All other components have worked fine in other systems.

See attached debug logs.


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Increasing the PCI latency timer in BIOS might help to solve the issue with PCI bus scan, but I'm not sure why it hangs during SPD detection. This might be worked around by disabling SMBus support.
I have this problem on a VIA VT82C691 Apollo Pro as well. HWiNFO works fine under DOS but locks up in Windows. The PCI Latency Timer is set to 64 BT default. Doubling it to 128 did not help.

What would a reasonable value be for testing?
You might also try to change the "Low-level PCI Access" option in HWiNFO if that will help.