Thermal Monitor 1 bzw. 2: Supported, Disabled -- How to enable??


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Hello everybody,

I have an Acer Aspire 5735Z (Intel Pentium Dual Core T3200). Since a short time, the program HWiNFO032 indicates that "Thermal Monitor 1 or 2: Supported, Disabled". The computer is very hot, core temperature up to 90 ° C! However, only since 2-3 weeks. Before (... than the TM's even enabled) the computer was the "coolness" itself - even under load. I suppose that the thermal monitoring has previously over-clocked the CPU down (... or NOP's pasted) on heating in order to keep the temperature down.:(

I have Vista on this computer as the operating system. I have tried using the Phoenix BIOS to switch on the Thermal Monitor. However, the BIOS does not offer this feature. About the installed Phoenix BIOS menu, you can switch the TM neither on nor off. Have the computer always be monitored in HWiNFO032. In Summery which always stood on "Green". I have tried by flashing a newer BIOS version, to overwrite this switch.

Without success!:mad:

As a workaround, I have SpeedFan installed. This program slows down the clock and the CPU also if the sensors indicate overheating. However, only at about 90 degrees - so close to death due to overheating.

I would prefer the old state when the CPU would halt itself by TM in time, to take no long term harm. Because, the computer does his job at home still. However, quite a few times he went to the emergency shutdown at high load (e.g. videos) - which he has never done before. Therefore, here is my CRY FOR HELP!

In my internet research, I have discovered a tool from the mists of time (2006) with which you could set the TM switch - see here:

(Screenshot from my office computer)

Nevertheless, it works NOT on all of my computers with new design.
However, somewhere there must be some updated programs...

Does anyone know of a way (e.g. utility), to switch the Thermal Monitor of the CPU back to "ENABLE"?

Advance thanks for the answer!

Best Regards,