Threadripper 3970X HWiNFO64 freezes

I have nzxt kraken 72 and seasonic psu. But I read that its possible that asus armoury crate that is with my asus extreme ii mainboard might casue this problem. But I dont want to get rid of it as I need control of fans etc.
Does the above Debug File capture the freezing ? If yes, then I believe it's caused by the ASUS software - when both HWiNFO and ASUS accessed the hardware at the same time.
If you don't want to remove ASUS Armoury Crate and still want to run HWiNFO, you will need to disable monitoring of the EC sensor or completely disable "EC Support" in HWiNFO. In such case HWiNFO won't access the EC sensors and won't be able to provide you data from it.
Thank you Martin turning EC off helped, no more hangs. Just what does it do exatcly?
EC (Embedded Controller) is a special chip on the mainboard responsible for management of several features and sensors too.
Problem is that ASUS software thinks it's the only one in the system accessing that chip, so if another applications does the same it can cause issues during concurrent access.
Many other applications feature synchronization mechanisms to avoid such problem, but ASUS has refused to implement this...