Time for custom sensors derived from groups of real sensors?


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With CPU's like the 3990x, the amount of data given in a sensor window is pretty crazy now. Surely there can be something done to consolidate up the display from all the extraneous data of hundreds of sensors. An example that exists in the current version of HWiNFO64 is the "Core Max" sensor of intel mainstream desktop CPU's, which will report the hottest core out of all available cores. Also "Max CPU/Thread Usage" and "Total CPU Usage" are examples.

I would like to create a custom sensor derived from a group of sensors and report possible the current maximum (or possible 2nd max, 3rd max, 4th max, etc), current minimum, or average of the selected sensors.

Now that I read this, it seems kinda silly... But Core minimum temperature is an interesting stat, and knowing the highest current frequency and average frequency of a many-core CPU is a good stat to know too. I don't know if hwinfo64 is already deriving "sensors" from other sensors or if consolidated sensors are actually a thing. Would need some feedback on this if custom groups can't be made and can only hard-code them in.