To Martin: IA AC and IA DC reporting?


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Hi, Merry Christmas, @Martin ! 

I have a Gigabyte Aorus master, and version 6.00 says that there is IA AC and IA DC reporting.
However I have been unable to find it anywhere.  I checked both on my Z390 / 9900K system, as well as my MSI laptop (7820HK, CM238 chipset), where I have IA AC and IA DC manually set to 1.

I do have the VRM temperature (SVID) showing on my Gigabyte (although it already reports the VRM loop 1/2 and VR VOUT anyway).  But can't find internal IA AC and DC.  (I have them also manually set to 1 in the bios).

Is this feature only working on some systems?