Tool Tip Font Size?

Axel Slingerland

New Member

I am going blind and can't see very well. I have HWINFO 7.24-4770. After you put the temperature in the system tray, I would like to know if it is possible that there is a setting for increasing the tool tip font size? I would like to be able to set the font in the tool tip popup when you run your mouse cursor over it to twice the default size. If this is already possible, could someone yell me how to do it?


Thanks in advance...

I figured it out. It can be done, at least in Windows 7 (and possibly earlier versions in a similar fashion) by going to the desktop, right clicking on it and selecting "Personalize", then "Window Color", then in the menu under "Item" choose "Tool Tip" and set the font color, bold, italics and or size from 6 - 24. That would work very well for me, as I can do what I originally wanted and still have some 'wiggle room' to made it even bigger later as my vision gets worse. For example, this is what I said that I wanted before:


And this how it looks at 24:


So I set that to 18 Bold, and that solves more than one problem I was having, as "Tool Tip" also covers other things as well, such as the Status Bar. In the process of doing this I also discovered that I had previously left myself a little bit of that 'wiggle room' with the overall system when I set the text size to 125% of normal, and it can be set to 150% or 200%. Since I set the theme the way it was before last night back in 2016 I totally forgot that I did it or that it was even possible to do. For the moment, with many parts of the theme individually adjusted, setting this overall option to 150% has make life much easier for me. If my memory was a little better I would have remembered this procedure. But what can I say? I'm not as young as I used to be anymore.

Many Thanks! :)