'Total System Power' accuracy?


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I am curious how the 'Total System Power' is calculated for an 8th Gen Intel laptop?

I have noticed on my laptop with a 230W power brick the value reported is upwards of 400W when the system is under load. I do not believe this is possible, or my laptop might be molten lava by now! I have a watt meter on the system and it seems to report accurately usage of ~180-230W when gaming. HWiNFO seems totally accurate other than this one measurement of 'Total System Power' for me.

The BIOS is unlocked; maybe it is somehow skewing this reading after I've raised power limits and adjusted some voltages? Hopefully this is useful information for someone.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 175233.png
I have seen this item sometimes reporting incorrect data, probably depends on system design and whether it features a Psys supported charging controller.