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Hello Martin,

First of all, thank you for HWiNFO!

For many years I have been using SpeedFan on all my builds (for consistency), using it only to monitor sensors, not to control fan speeds (which the BIOS can handle), until my last build (Win8.1 on a Gigabyte board), on which even the latest SpeedFan seems unable to display a correct core temp.

So, I began to look at other hardware monitors, and I found that HWiNFO is much improved since I last looked at it, so much so that it is now my first choice for sensor monitoring. I've installed and configured it on my two most recent builds (both Gigabyte boards), and will shortly try it also on an older build with an Asus board.

One minor request would be to ability to configure, for each tray icon, not just the background colour, but also the foreground colour and especially the font/size/bold/etc.

But the main feature addition that I would love to see, is for the tooltip balloon that appears when hovering the mouse pointer over the tray icon, to display not just that icon's sensor data, but a list of the current data for a group of selected sensors. So, for example, hovering over the Max Core Temp icon would display a list of all the temperatures.

The list of sensors to be displayed would be user configurable, and a single list (group) would be sufficient, so that list/group would be displayed when hovering over any HWiNFO tray icon.

Hoping that this request will receive your consideration.
The ability to change tray icon foreground color (and maybe font too) is on my list.
However regarding the tool tip, this is something a bit more complicated and quite specific. I'm sorry, but such a feature won't be probably available in the near future.
Martin, thanks for the reply. It is indeed more complicated, and your position is understood.

The intent was to provide a way by which HWiNFO could be represented by a single tray icon, and yet the remaining sensor information could be made quickly available/visible, without needing to open the tray, select the main HWiNFO icon, open sensors, and then when done, close sensors. The suggested method (which I quite like, as it is simple [for the user--not for the developer], intuitive, and informative) is the one used by SpeedFan.

But perhaps someone may think of another way to make the remaining sensor information easily available?
The next build released will allow to change the text color of tray icons as well ;)