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Currently using RealTemp GT to monitor both my CPU and GPU, also use MemReduct to monitor memory. I also use HWiNFO just so I can utilize a desktop gadget... but want a small memory footprint, and discard of two applications.

Question is:
I'd like to supplement both of these utilities with HWiNFO, but the application doesn't display memory as a percentage rather the physical available/used which I prefer the later. Also, RealTemp displays the average of all cores as the true temp and lists each core temp in a tooltip when hovering over the tray icon. RealTemp also displays GPU temps, and since I have two GPU's it displays the average of the two as the temp and also lists each cards physical temps in a tooltip. I like RealTemp since it provides detailed information in a condensed form in the tray, which HWiNFO doesn't seem to provide, but if HWiNFO can provide as much info as condensed.. then I'd be willing to part with it. So... is there any way to display the information I prefer to view by using HWiNFO?
HWiNFO offers some of those functions. It can include any single average value in tray, you can also define custom refresh and averaging interval. But it doesn't combine multiple values into one average value except for the Core Max, which is the maximum temperature among all cores and it can be averaged. You can also use the CPU Package temperature (if available) which is the 256 ms average of the highest temperature among all sensors in the CPU (all cores, uncore and iGPU).
I see, though, I'm mostly interested in current temps at a glance in the tray. RealTemp does this, but from what I see with HWiNFO it's a single tray icon for each core. CoreMax, not interested having in the tray... that would be something I'd open the application and view logs. Though if the options I prefer need to be customized or programmed I wouldn't have the first clue how to go about it, I'm very busy with my studies and legal work. However, if it's a very simple entry or on this forum it'd be nice if someone where to point me in that direction, otherwise I just have no time

Is there an option to display memory used and/or available as a percentage?