Two Memory Questions


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I have two questions in regards to memory:

Firstly, in the "System Summary," box I seem to be getting conflicting information. Under memory modules, it says the clock rate is 800MHz. However, under the "memory" section below that it says the clock for the memory is 667.3MHz. Going into the section to look up each specific memory stick, it shows their clock speed at 800MHz, however I believe when I purchased the memory their clock was 1333MHz DDR3. I'm not sure why it would be showing otherwise? (I'm aware the shown amount should be 1/2 the DDR3 speed, but I figure that would mean it should be 667.3, not 800).

Also, a basic question unless I'm missing it: Is there a way to see the max amount of supported memory I can put in my system?

Thanks in advance.
I think it indicates that your modules are capable of 800 MHz clock "DDR3-1600" and your memory is running at 667 MHz.
But posting a few screenshots might clarify it better, since I'm not sure about that based on your description.
I've added a photo attachment, hopefully that clears it up? The summary is to the side of the specific memory stick (they're identical).


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It's clear now. Based on standard memory profiles, your modules are 667 MHz capable, but when utilizing the XMP profile, they can reach 800 MHz. The XMP profile can be enabled in BIOS if it supports it.