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Newbie here so apologies if this has been talked about.
Firstly, great tool - thanks. I have HWiNFO auto-starting with Windows (Win 7 Pro x64) and sensors running in the system tray. If I bring up the main window the sensors window comes up as well. Both windows will minimise if I choose to minimise the sensors window only but the sensors window stays 'up' if I choose to minimise the main window only. Can you change this behaviour so that the two windows truly behave independently of each other. For example, if I click on a tray sensor it opens the sensor window (already does this) but the main app icon will only bring up the main window and they can be minimised independently. Similarly I can't bring the main window to the front as the sensors window will always be in front. Hope all that makes sense and sorry if I've missed a trick.
I see what the problem is and understand that this will need an update, though some of the features are designed this way per request from other users which use HWiNFO in different modes. That's also why there are so many settings - to satisfy user experience for many different usages.
The easiest solution would be to add a new option into the context menu on the HWiNFO tray icon to show the main window only. I will do this right now.
I'll also reconsider whether to minimize all windows when clicking the minimize button in sensors window, but this might be not required as long as the above solution is implemented.
Yes, this will be available in the next beta.
I'm currently working on some bigger additions (multiple sensor lists, multi-row selection, improved drag and drop) too, so don't know yet exactly when it will be available. I hope sometime next week.
I have the latest Beta. This is much more usable but I'm still a little perplexed as to why anyone would want both windows to come up together when you double click the main app icon. Then, when they are both 'up', you can minimise the main window leaving the sensor window but not the other way around. I'd still prefer to have the windows behaving completely independently so that they can be called up (in my case from notification area icons) when needed.