Unstable Memory Voltage?


HWiNFO64 shows my memory voltage varies a lot. Is my memory voltage really unstable or is it a sensor/software issue? My system is 100% stable. The +5V under motherboard sensor is stable at 5.04v to 5.08v.


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This is unfortunately a monitoring problem observed on some DDR5 modules. The memory voltage should be stable but due to the limited design of DDR5 PMIC circuits (more precisely their ADC), monitoring of some voltages sometimes gives incorrect results. I have spent a lot of time trying to tweak this but it seems impossible to come up with a method that would work properly for all modules/PMICs.
Very glad I found this post. My DDR5 shows odd fluctuations on exactly the same sensors. I was using OCCT and HWinfo but that was dumb of me since OCCT also uses HWinfo. I downloaded the Asrock Atuning app for my asrock MB and while it has way less sensors it did show VDD staying rock steady. I also downloaded CPUid HWmonitor and while its numbers were slightly different there were no weird fluctuations. However, while carefully watching Atuning I did see MB temperature go negative for a split second. Also the +1.8V sensor showed 2.1 for again a split second, after not moving for an eternity, so I can't even fully trust the MB software. What a cluster