VRM temp reading error in AMD R9 390X Crossfire


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Since when i updated to 5.54, HWiNFO only reads #1 VRM temp.
I tried enabling GPU I2C via ADL and now it only reads #0 VRM temp.
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  • I2C cia ADL Disabled.DBG
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  • I2C via ADL Enabled.DBG
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I can see both VRM temperatures read according to the files you posted.
With "GPU I2C via ADL" disabled, does it show other VRM #0 parameters, only the temperature is not shown ? Is it possible that some values are hidden ?
When I disable "I2C via ADL"from when i already enabled "I2C via ADL", all of other #0 parameters (CHiL/IR PMBus -GPU Core and CHiL/IR PMBus - GPU Aux) will gray.
After restarting HWiNFO (including reboot), other #0 parameters will disappear and #1 other parameters will show up.
I checked Layout page but no sensor is disabled.
OK... I solved it...
I just need to disable GPU I2C Cache.

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply!
This software helped me a lot!