Water damaged PC, dried but low framerate (logs)


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Hello, so I would love some help if anybody would be so kind.

I accidently fell over and spilt some water into my case (arrrgh). I dried the components and my PC booted fine, but unfortunately something is wrong and I can't quite figure out what....

My CPU on task manager is running at 100% doing minor things and when I get into games my frames are low and inconsistent.

I played a full game of Overwatch 2 and logged what was happening and here are the results in a Google Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N0DWioFpdeFh7x89NEIa0I1Cp0BmT0n7E6ZEE70azIk/edit?usp=sharing

Could anybody point me in the right direction as to what might have happened as I don't really understand what is said in the HWINFO program?

Any help is ultra appreciated!! Thank you for your time!! :)
Hi,this wont be the enthusiasist kinda advice what u probably expecting.
But i cant tell u how many time worked when logic failed.
Take it apart,and rebuild it,repaste it. My pc was even at Service,they couldnt fix it,but this worked.weird i know.