What happens to the shared memory limit for plugins when the Pro license expires?


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I'm thinking about buying the Pro version of the software to support the new hardware I'm getting soon. I find the price high for my personal use and hard to justify (CPU/GPU temperature on the stream deck), so I would like to clarify a few things in advance.

As I understand it, the Pro version disables the 12 hour limit and does not need to be re-enabled. In the course of the year from license purchase, every update of the software is included.

What happens after the year is up? Will the 12h limit be reactivated on the current version i have installed and will I be "forced" to renew the license or will the limit remain suspended until I want to upgrade to a new version?
The subscription is for updates only. All versions you have and will have licensed during the one year will not expire. Only the eligibility to license Pro updates after one year will expire.
So after one year all versions you were running as Pro will continue to run as such and only versions released after 1 year will require a renewal to work as Pro.
Thank you very much for your fast answer!

Just to be on the safe side.

I buy the software, use it without the 12h limit, after a year I get no more updates but am still on the latest Pro version and am exempt from the 12h limit?

If I rebuild my PC after the license expires, can I install the last version included in my license or will the activation of the key fail in such a case because it has expired?
Yes, Pro means no 12-hour limit.
It's your choice whether you upgrade HWiNFO or not. You can stay on the same version forever and don't perform any updates. Activation of versions you're eligible for will always work.
There's also an archive of all older versions released: https://www.fosshub.com/HWiNFO-old.html