What is happening to my build? (power reporting deviation minimum< 90%)


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BJCOANq.png (734×990) (imgur.com)


Mobo: ASrock Steel legend B450MCPU: Ryzen 5 2600x

Cooler: Wraith Spire

GPU: Sapphire Rx 580 Nitro+

Ram: 8GB 2666mhz Corsair

3 cases fans

Case: Gamemax Draco XD

PSU: Corsair VS550 550W (Grey label)

My GPU often power off and No Signal from screen. I have brought my GPU to the store to fix many times and confirmed that the GPU is buggy. However I never had chance to bring the CPU to the store to fix.

Anyone knows what is this?

"Power reporting deviation" Minimum value < 90%"
Max value just reached 340% Normal Temperature: JEOIdsf.png (740×536) (imgur.com) Below 61.