What is PCIX16 "In Use" status


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My GPU died last week. After that, I still saw the PCIEX16 showed up (as picture below) even my dead GPU was removed (this PC use mobo Dell 088DT1).

I have double checked with my other PC (mobo Asrock Z77-Pro4) which hasn't got GPU plugged in, I don't see any PCIEX16 show up.

So, is it an error or is my mobo PCIEX16 slot also death together with my GPU?

Currently, I haven't got a new GPU to give a try. Or I am just afraid of that a dead slot will kill my new GPU.

That PCIEX16 information comes from SMBIOS DMI, which is sometimes not reliable (fully maintained by the BIOS).
I'm sure this is not an indication of a problem with the PCIEX slot.
Thank you for clarifying. I've just found an interesting thing about Dell mobo, it's able to enable both internal and external GPU working at the same time. So I guess that's the reason of "In use" status. I'm gonna try with new GPU next week.