What is the "System" temperature sensor actually reporting? (MSI Z170A GAMING M7)


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first: Thanks for the great program and support! I really love it.

I've got one question, though: HWinfo64 is reporting a "System" temperature and I don't know what this represents. It's grouped under a sensor called "MSI Z170A GAMING M7 (MS-7976) (Nuvoton NCT6793D)" together with some currents (Vcore among others), "CPU (PECI)" temperature and CPU fan speed.

Sensor details from the RainMeter Shared Memory Viewer, that might help classification: Sensor Details ID 0xf7067930; Instance 0x0; Entry Details ID 0x1000000.

The readout usually starts at 35°C after booting and rises slowly under when under heavy load in 1° increments to max 45°C after some time.


I think it's a temperature sensor on the Motherboard, not sure where it's placed though (possibly near the CPU socket)...
Not always. The sensor may be in one of several zones board - in the region of the socket near the expansion slots, in the vicinity of the south bridge chip. A specific decision on its position constructor accepts payment by results of its thermal modeling. Usually selected by the average air temperature in the enclosure point.
Thanks Szaby and Victor, you already answered the question. This sensor is placed somewhere on the mainboard, specific to particular design. It's usually used to report ambient temperature.