When starting HWInfo system freezes for 2 secs as soon as it hits the PCI analyzing


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I found this weird bug or idk what it could be , when I start HWInfo when it comes to Analyzing PCI Subsystem(thats what it is called I think) the system freezes for multiple seconds.
System has been completly checked , everything is running as it should with no problems.
Its just when opening HWInfo and it comes to the PCI reading that this occurs , maybe someone can tell me more from the attached debug file since I am not so smart in those kind of things.

have to attach a download link for the file , forum says its too big to upload. :/

thanks alot
This could be due to the Thunderbolt Controller long wake-up:
Thanks alot , disabling the Thunderbolt/USB4 controller in the bios solved the issue.
For future , my board is an Asus x670e crosshair hero.
If you need the TBT controller then you can leave it enabled and just disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" via Device Manager.