Which CPU temp should i watch?


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I have a AMD RYZEN 5 3600, im just a bit worried about my temps as sometimes it can jump to 60c idle, which one do i follow, tctl/tdie, avg, or tdie
thanks :)
Ryzen3000 has more than 50 temp sensors around the core Die (CCD).
CPU (Tctl/Tdie) is the hotspot of the CPU and its switching (a few hundred times within a sec) between all sensors and report constantly the highest one. No other CPU do that. Only ZEN2.
Die (average) is the average value of all sensors combined together
CCD1 (Tdie) is reporting one single sensor at some edge of the core Die

In general all those 3 reports are true but reporting different things. We can say that CCD1 or Die(average) is more of the traditional CPU temp reporting. But Tctl/Tdie is important too as this is the one controling the fan of CPU cooler (hence Tctl=Tcontrol). Tctl/Tdie is up and down constantly and it is normal.

Your (all 3) temps are a little high, but not out of thermal spec and within normal levels. There are 3~4 things that could happening for having this kind of temp...

1) You are using the stock R5 3600 cooler which is not a high performance one. Actually it's a low performance one.
2) Your ambient temp maybe a little too high
3) Your case ventilation and air flow maybe a little low
4) All of the above together

What is your Max temp values when the CPU is under full (100%) load?

This is mine under idle and Crome browsing load


...but I have no case for the system, I'm using a Corsair 280mm AIO (H110i) and my room(ambient) temp is 22~23C.
I have a Noctura NH-U14S with the second fan installed. Ryzen 9 3900X with 64GB RAM. It is confusing watching all these CPU temps in HWInfo. Using Ryzen Master I can see it report CPU in the 35040C range under mild idle, yet HWInfo shows upper 40sC at same time At the same time HWInfo shows Die Average and both CCD show be about what Ryzen Master is showing. What I do know if I stress CPU over 30+ minutes the HWInfo and Ryzen Master will show same 72-73C and all cores run 4055-4125 consistently. That is my main concern staying away from 90C and seems I am a good 20C under any issues with the CPU. Case has 2 x 140mm Noctura at top of case, and a 120mm at back then 2 140mm in front. So plenty of airflow. I even pull the HSF to make sure thermal paste was even and cleaned and reapplied. Not sure what more I can ask for with 12 4+GHz cores at full throttle. Can;t see water buying me much more without the risk of leaks.

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