White Space when GPU is offline (Optimus)


I am using HWiNFO 4.26-2020 and when my GTX 675M is offline in the sensors window, I get a large White space beneath the GPU as shown in this picture:

Here is the debug file in case you need it:

Is this behavior expected or not? Please note that within the Settings, the option to Wake GPUs up disabled by Nvidia Optimus is enabled.


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Yes, unfortunately it's expected. This is one of the side-effects of the recently added feature which allows users to reorder any of the sensor items. Now, they retain their positions, so when a sensor disappears (like in the case of Optimus when the GPU is disabled), then such a blank space remains there - because all items are displayed at their fixed positions.
You can reset this order by clicking the "Restore Original Order" button, or you can move the entire GPU sensor when active to the bottom of the window (so when it disappears you won't see that large blank space).