Why am I not seeing "Power Reporting Deviation" and individual CORE TEMPERATURES?

Max Rambone

New Member
I built a system yesterday for a friend with a Ryzen 5 5600x/MSI B550 Tomahawk and was stress-testing the CPU while monitoring with HWINFO. (Version 7.20-4700)

I just happened to notice the "Power Reporting Deviation" was at like 150% at idle then I remembered I had seen that when I was running a Ryzen 5 3600/MSI x570 Tomahawk.

Well, I have since upgraded my own system to an R9 5900x and I decided to play around with some overclocking and I noticed that I do not see this "Power Reporting Deviation" anywhere this time and ALSO I don't see temperatures for individual cores like I did on the R5 5600x.

Anyone know why that is? Am I doing something wrong? I didn't change any HWINFO settings while monitoring. Oh, I also tried the current BETA version just to see.

Thanks for reading.
Okay, so, Ive answered my own question about the Core Temps.

Apparently, MSI broke the reporting with an earlier BIOS. I updated to latest BIOS and individual core temps now show in HWINFO.

However, I still don't see the "Power Deviation" thing. Maybe that's a BIOS goof, too.

Where should that be in the sensors, BTW? The VRM area?