Why is Current Capacity Higher than Full Charged Capacity?


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I'm confused about something I'm seeing on many laptops. The Current Capacity, when the laptop is 100% charged, is higher than the "Full Charged Capacity" but is on par with the Designed Capacity. 

So, on my Latitude 7270:

Designed Capacity: 54994 mWh
Full Charged Capacity: 52250 mWh
Wear Level: 5%
Current Capacity: 54994

So, if my laptop is only capable of reaching 52250 mWh, why is it currently at 54,994? This isn't the only laptop where I've noticed this issue.
That looks like misreporting by the battery itself, or more precisely notebook firmware which is responsible for battery management.
Sorry, but I don't know. I have no insight into the notebook firmware (which is proprietary), so can't make a guaranteed statement here.
I suggest to check with manufacturer's support, they should explain this discrepancy.