Windows Hardware Errors (WHEA)

Kristijan k

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Hi today i noticed that there is 1 error in WHEA as it shows in the picture attached its (AMD64 NB) error. What does this mean? Problem with the CPU or RAM? However they are not overclocked, my CPU, RAM and Motherboard are only 1 year old and this scares me because i spent some money on them:(. Could this be FALSE POSITIVE or Bug or whatever it is called? Please guys answer me:(


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HWiNFO Author
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1 WHEA error might not be serious, but it depends on how frequently this happens.
This can have various reasons from hardware malfunction, BIOS issue or driver instability. I'd recommend upgrading drivers and BIOS to latest versions and verify if/how frequently this occurs.

Kristijan k

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Thank you for the reply i will keep you updated if it occurs again, this is the first time i saw it after 1 year of using this pc and i check regularly.