WINFO not detecting default GPU...

Yes, but I need more details about the problem, especially the HWiNFO Debug File.
Yes, thanks. And what is actually the problem here? I see both GPUs detected - Intel integrated and RTX 2080.
See screenshots below.....says not detected

Only sees Nvidia GPU.....perhaps Nvidia settings are not correct?
Sorry Martin.....found the problem!

See below....I believe this to be the Intel GPU (Graphics highlighted in BLUE) so it is working fine now.

If not let me know please.....thanks for your time. Capture99999.PNG
Yes - because the Intel IGPU is integrated in CPU it's not reported under a dedicated section, but included under CPU. Also for the IGPU it's not possible to retrieve many parameters.
As for the NVIDIA - values of 0 (or empty) mean that the GPU is disabled by power management (Optimus technology) to preserve power. Once the GPU becomes active, it will show parameters.