Wrong +12V Reading


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Hi there, i'm new here, since i see forum is active, i would like to mention a bug here.

I downloaded HWinfo 64bit to read my +12V under load. Its not that important but i was curious about it. 

HWinfo shows +12V is 1.672 which is wrong. So i checked it on BIOS it is 12.232V.

Since i'm not able to see BIOS while system is under load (windows+programs running), i cant read +12V. Is it possible to fix this issue?

Sensor: Nuvoton NCT6779D

These infos already on screenshot

BIOS voltage readings:
VCCIN: 1.744 (same as HWinfo)
+5V: 5.120 (same as HWinfo)
+12V: 12.232 (HWinfo shows 1.672 which is unrealistic)

Note Screenshot is taken on High Performance power mode (which doesnt downcloak my CPU while IDLE since its same on BIOS screen)

I hope it will be fixed soon, keep up the good work, thanks...



HWiNFO Author
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Thanks for your report. This bug will be fixed in the next HWiNFO (Beta) build.