wrong CPU sensor temp. AMD


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Hello. I love your software. And been using it on my old PC setup, but as i recently upgraded my rig i have come to slight problem with wrong CPU core temperature.

My system:

mobo: Asus A78M-A
CPU: amd athlon x4 760K

Runing win 8 64bit

There are several temp sensors marked as CPU and none of them represent temperature that amd overdrive software shows.

And as i am about to start my Overclocking on GPU and CPU, i need to be able to track real Temp's with ingame OSD.

Is there a way to fix this?

This issue has been discussed here several times - recent AMD CPUs have a very inaccurate internal CPU sensor. There's no way to determine the precise temperature, especially at lower temperatures. I think the AMD OverDrive tool uses some weird adjustments to the internal temperatures, but as you can see they don't even call it as CPU temperature, rather "Thermal Margin".
You can only measure the CPU socket temperature (thru a diode on the mainboard close to the CPU), which should be one of those under the IT8603E sensor.
I think HWiNFO needs to adjust sensor values for your mainboard. Can you please attach the HWiNFO report file, so I can try to fix it?