Wrong value shown for voltage ?


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When I checked with the monitor the value shown for 3VCC seemed to be stuck at 1.640, VSB3V stuck at 1.656 and VBAT stuck at 1.504 (only 5VSB showing correct values)
while in the BIOS it showed it was perfectly fine.. I'm on the latest version (V7.60), so I was wondering if it was an actual problem with a false reading.

To fix this I need more information about the mainboard, seeing the HWiNFO Debug File would be best.
That Beta was already released. If this fix is proven then it will be carried into future versions too.
Please tell me which ICs (super i/o) Hwininfo V7xx currently supports
e.g. IT8720 , NCT6106D
Too many to to create and maintain a full list. Most probably all currently used.
Sensor adjustments also strongly depend on mainboard model.