z370 taichi missing fan3 in hwinfo


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This motherboard has following five fan connectors and I cannot see FAN3 in hwinfo (I think I could see it for some time but it is once again disappeared):

CPU Fan Connector (CPU_FAN1)
CPU Fan / Waterpump Fan Connector (CPU_OPT/W_PUMP)
Chassis Fan Connector (CHA_FAN1)
Chassis Fan Connector  (CHA_FAN2)
Chassis Fan / Waterpump Fan Connector (CHA_FAN3/W_PUMP)

BIOS version second to latest (one release before the newest)
hwinfo64 version 590 and 606
Windows 10 pro and running hwinfo64 as administrator in normal user session

And thank you for the great sw btw!!!!

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Is the fan also spinning? If it's not then HWiNFO will show it only once it starts to spin.
Martin said:
Is the fan also spinning? If it's not then HWiNFO will show it only once it starts to spin.

Sorry the hwinfo works perfectly although it does not show the header when fan is disconnected. This might be due to mobo reporting only interfaces active?....

Thanks for the PC support :D I reconnected the fan(s). A bit embarrasing! I disconnected the FAN3 from mobo accidentially when disconnecting the side panel for cpu delidding. Atleast the delid was a huge success (10 to 20C lower temps depending on test load with automatic fan curves). :P  The two fans connected to FAN3 are not responsible for the main cooling though but are an additional side fan and an isolated HD compartment fan. I noticed HDD temps were high and now found the reason....

EDIT: All being said it would be beneficial to see the fan info in hwinfo even if the fan is not connected or spinning. Then one could spot a problem in the system if a fan should be working but is not.

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HWiNFO doesn't report fans that are not connected. Hardware monitoring circuits usually support more fan inputs, but in most cases not all are utilized. Such appear as not connected or not spinning and it's not possible to reliably determine the connection. HWiNFO doesn't report such fans to avoid too many empty entries.