Zen 2 IO Die Temperature Monitoring


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After repasting my 3900X due to high temperatures, I've noticed that the individual CCD temperatures are a fair bit lower than the overall CPU Tctl/Tdie temperature at times. Under light load the overall CPU temperature can sometimes be as much as 20C higher than the two CCDs, and is generally about 5-10C higher most of the time. During heavy load I find that CCD1 runs a few degrees hotter than CCD2, and the overall CPU temp is about an average of the two. The high overall temps vs CCD temps at moments seem indicative that the IO Die is the culprit here. I'd be interested to know if other Zen 2 users can observe lower CCD temps vs overall CPU Tctl/Tdie? Is IO Die temp monitoring is something we could see in future updates?
CPU Tctl/Tdie temp is not the overall temp. It is the report of the hottest spot across the CCDs. It switchs on different sensors instantly to show the highest of all, across the 2 CCDs.
The CCD1 and 2 temps is an average or a specific side spot on the 2 CCDs individually. There is a difference between them because on certain loads the boosts clocks/voltage are not the same for the 2 CCDs. It appears that at your CPU the CCD1 is the most capable one and clocked the highest of the 2 or maybe it is given the most load by the internal manager of the CPU.

The I/O die is the most low in work load, speed(MHz) and voltage and in no way is hotter than the CCD(s)