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    HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64

    Changes in HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v5.42 - Released on: Dec-22-2016:

    • Added preliminary support of Intel Knights Mill.
    • Fixed reporting of some specific IPMI sensor values.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS MAXIMUS IX.
    • Changed reporting of NVMe drive failure state.
    • Improved NVMe drive enumeration, removed duplicate entries on some systems.
    • Fixed disappearing of sensor units in gadgets when the average column is hidden.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS PRIME Z270 and TUF Z270.
    • Fixed reporting of drive temperature for some drives.
    • Fixed drive enumeration via CSMI-SAS and Intel RST v15 support.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS X99-E-10G WS.
    • Added reporting of detailed SMART failure/warning in sensors.
    • Fixed monitoring of GPU VR, VRM, Liquid temperatures with AMD Crimson ReLive 16.12.2 or later.
    • Added preliminary support of AMD Polaris 12.
    • Fixed drive health indicator for Samsung SSDs.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASRock 200-series mainboards (preliminary).

    Upcoming changes in the next release:

    • Fixed reporting of AMD GPU fan speed when not spinning.
    • Fixed support of multi-node AMD CPUs.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on more ASUS 200-series mainboards.
    • Enhanced sensor monitoring on several ASRock 100- and 200-series mainboards.
    • Added NVIDIA Quadro P400,P600,P1000,P3000,P4000,P5000, Quadro GP100, Tesla P6.
    • Added monitoring of NXZT Kraken X52.
    • Fixed reporting of ECC support for DDR4 moduels.
    • Download pre-release: v5.43, Build 3065

    For complete HWiNFO32/64 History including previous versions, please see: HWiNFO32/64 History

  • dos

    HWiNFO for DOS

    Changes in HWiNFO v5.5.5 - Released on: Jul-03-2014:

    • HWiNFO is now FREEWARE !