1. J

    Hwinfo64 is giving me random Crashes/BSODs/Shutdowns - 100% sure its the cause. Mobo compatibility related (Maxsun)

    Rant: Hey, after 5 days of debugging, I finally found out what was making my new system crash/BSOD. It was HwInfo64, latest version (got my new setup this monday, been testing from mon to friday non-stop). I fucking love this program but this time it almost killed my brain and made me return a...
  2. vkhomushko


    Hi, Started getting regular BSODs after running HWiNFO64. Before that, I used the HWiNFO64 for a long time without any problems. But after installing LegionFanControl to control the fan speed on a laptop, and running HWiNFO64 in parallel, after some time...
  3. Manujito

    Apex Legends BSOD on launch

    Hi, I never had any problem playing or launching Apex until yesterday. My config hasn't changed in the mean time and no significant updates happened either (except the game itself). When I launch the game, as soon as the EAC splash screen finishes loading, I get a BSOD with the "Memory...
  4. Ultraboss

    RGB Fusion version B22.0329.1 and above causing system hang with HWi

    Hi there, recently updated rgb fusion on 14/04/2022, then launched HWi as usual to check sensors, then after few minutes, got a black screen, system has hung. I needed to power off completely (unplug sector) to be able to boot again, then relaunched all. Got a "bsod whea uncorrectable error"...
  5. P

    Freeze, immediate shutdown or BSOD caused by HWiNFO

    Hello, I can't confirm that for 100% but when I have HWiNFO always running in the tray, as the startup app my machine shutdowns or freezes immediately in a second every few days/week. How do I know it? When I disabled HWiNFO and it's not running anymore those problems don't occur anymore. My...