1. R

    Temp Sensor

    I own a R12 Alienware computer and was wondering why the temperature would be constantly different in your software and the Dell's command center. Currently the Command Center is reading 59C for the CPU and HWinfo is reading 51C in the CPU Package. It's almost always off by 7 or more degrees and...
  2. Lorx

    Strange HotSpot readings from my RTX 2070 Super

    Hi there! I'm having strange temps reading by HWinfo about my GPU HOTSPOT, basically when playing Apex or any "demanding" games i hit temps around 80°C on the GPU but 105°C (stable) on the hotspot! After a game lasted 10 mins (for testing purposes) my highest reached temp are: GPU: 78.5°C GPU...
  3. S

    Is my laptop (Ideapad Gaming 3) - throttling? Pls, help!!

    Hey Guys, So, I recently brought Ideapad gaming 3 5600h 1650, i ran cinebench today.. seems like it's throttling. Please check the hwinfo screenshot and give your feedback. Should i be worried, is this normal?
  4. K

    CPU Under Performing

    Hi Friends I have recently purchase legion 5 pro and my cinebench score is around 12300 which is 400 points lower then usual Plus my Cpu power usage never go beyond 68W As per hwinfo But for other legion owner goes upto 78W constant Screenshot taken while running cinebench 23 Multicore Is...
  5. B

    2080 super performance thermal limit 1

    Hi, I’ve had the thermal limit 1 pop up sometimes in the performance section of the gpu. This happened constantly yesterday while the gpu didn’t go above 58 but didn’t happen at all today with gpu hitting 60 max. I’m confused as to what this means? Is something on my card overheating? It’s...