0% GPU Utilization



I've got a Radeon HD7950 (running Catalyst 13.1 on Windows 8 Pro), but HWiNFO64 (version 4.10-1820) doesn't seem to want to pick up the GPU Utilization sensor

Under load, I can see load figures using GPU-Z, but HWiNFO stays at 0%. The temps align okay though. What am I doing wrong?

I need to check this in detail. Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File which captures both situations - idle and under load.
Many thanks for the super-fast response.

When fire up HWINFO in "debug mode", then open the sensors panel I'm seeing regular system instability (i.e. it BSoD's)

Not seeing this anywhere else (even running load test apps like Prime95, Furmark, IntelBurnTest)

Any ideas?
So without Debug Mode it doesn't crash, just the GPU Utilization is stuck at 0% and with Debug Mode it always crashes?
In case it crashes, then please attach the Debug File that has been created.
It does....

I tried another one... sequence was
  • Fired up HWINFO
  • Unchecked debug
  • Opened sensors (everything fine)
  • Closed sensors
  • enabled debug
  • restarted HWINFO
  • opened sensors (BSOD)

No debug file generated :(
After enabling Debug File have you started HWiNFO from the beginning (initial scan) ?
In the Debug File you attached before I can't see any problem - HWiNFO closes properly. I can also see that you haven't opened sensors.
When I've double checked the time of the debug file - that wasn't on a crash. My bad.... sorry

I can't seem to get a debug after opening sensors... it always crashes

Every time I've enabled debug, I've closed HWINFO and restarted
Just enable Debug Mode and after the system crashes because of HWiNFO, just reboot and grab the Debug File that is saved there...
I'm not sure, but something strange is happening there :)
Please try the following steps:
1. Delete any debug file present.
2. Make sure you haven't HWiNFO set for autorun.
3. Make sure Debug Mode is enabled.
4. Start HWiNFO and open sensors.
5. After the system crashes, reboot it and don't run HWiNFO again.
6. Just get the Debug File stored and attach here.
okay - some results :D

Deleting the old debug file did the trick...

Attached are idle and load debug file. the GPU showed 0% utilization for nearly all the load test with one or two spikes up to match the GPU-Z 99.X% results

Getting somewhere! :)


Thanks, I'm going to analyze them now. Just a question to be sure - did during both of these two tests a BSOD occur as well ?
That's even more strange :) Deleting the old Debug File should have no influence on a possible BSOD... hmmm :)