CPU Utilization spikes


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Hi, got there specifically for this long-running issue. :)

I have the exact same problem as is reported and discussed in this thread: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/threads/gpu-utilization-spikes.6263/

I also have an AMD RX580, and I've known about the issue for a long while - at least since early 2019. I just never thought to look for a fix. However, recently I was gifted an Elgato Stream Deck+ and I'm attempting to use it to monitor CPY and GPU utilization and temps. Now I'm much more aware of the issue.

I have the most recent version of HWinfo64 Pro Personal license, Windows V10.0.19045 Build 19045, and AMD Radeon Driver version 23.7.2, current as of July 2023.

I don't know how/where to find either the debug file or the report file, but for now I'd be happy to just ascertain whether the issue should be fixed by me changing something in my settings file or something else. After all, from the above-mentioned thread, this issue seemed to have been resolved back in 2018/2019?

I'm running HWInfor64 on sensor mode only if that is of any consequence.
As per the other thread the problem was "resolved" by relying on a different utilization metric - the "GPU D3D Usage" instead of "GPU Utilization".
The Elgato Stream Deck plugin should allow you to pick the desired metric.
Thank you for the quick reply. I did on fact add a D3D entry on my Stream Deck, but we were wondering if that does cover all the activity the GPU can be engaged in? from the name (D3D), it would appear as if it does not monitor activity outside the DirectX "enclave" (sorry, my terminology is terrible). As such am I correct in assuming that it will monitor the utilization caused by all DirectX activity, but not, for instance, video encoding?


Just as an example. :)

I will freely admit that I'm most likely a dumb*** when it comes to monitoring stuff.
Most likely the D3D doesn't cover all scenarios, but it depends on GPU and drivers. The RX580 is a rather old GPU supporting only limited metrics.
Appreciated - thanks.

Love the product, BTW, and I have been using it (in the looser sense of the word) a long time. Thanks for all the work you put into it.