5600x strange readings


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i seem to be getting some odd readings, there may be some i haven't noticed but ones that jump out at me are cpu die average temp, infinity fabric and memory controller clocks, frequency limit - global and average active core count

im not sure what is causing this, if its something i should be concerned with (possible hardware fault) or just a bug in hwinfo64, bios or perhaps a conflict somewhere and it only seems to happen when gaming and only on some occasions and gives normal readings most of the time, i let my pc idle for 3 days and did not see these kinds of readings

i only have xmp enabled no pbo, oc or other tweaks, my pc specs are

cpu: ryzen 5 5600x
mobo: msi mag b550 tomahawk
ram: corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600 16gb (2x8gb) ddr4
gpu: sapphire radeon rx 6600 pulse gaming
psu: corsair cx650f


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Are you perhaps running some other monitoring or tuning tools along with HWiNFO? This could be due to a conflict between multiple tools.


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hi thanks for reply, i have msi center and corsair icue installed and running to control my rgb, they do seem to monitor some sensors though and then i have amd software running for my gpu and ryzen master installed but not running


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hmm im not sure what was causing it but i disabled those programs and it still gave odd readings, so i re-enabled them all and it hasn't given me the odd readings for 3 days now