64bit instead of 128bit on dual channel memory


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Hi, i'm new to the forum so excuse me if i do or say anything wrong. I have a almost 10 month old Lenovo laptop with a Core i3-1215U 6-core processor in it . I've been noticing for the past months that Hwinfo64 keeps showing the graphics memory width for the integrated UHD Graphics Xe 64EUs GPU as 64bit instead of 128bit, when my laptop has 12GB of RAM that is in dual-channel mode. I posted a screenshot below to prove my point, along with the debug file.


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The screenshot you posted shows Memory information in the middle and GPU information on the right. The DRAM bus width is different from the GPU memory bus width, these are completely independent from each other.

But that doesn't explain my issue. You just read what you see it on the screenshot. I'm raising the point that when a system memory is in dual channel mode, then it suppose to create a 128bit bus width, when 2 64bit bus are combined. If it is 64bit (indicated by the red arrow on the graphics memory width part of the GPU in screenshot), shouldn't it said single channel mode in the memory part then? That's why I circled where it said "dual channel". As a matter of fact, as of at least a few months before, the graphics memory width was at 128bit, until some update change it to 64bit, when i didn't change anything on my system. So i just want to know if that's the issue with the software itself, or is there a real explanation for that.
The "64-bit" information comes from the Intel GPU driver, so it needs to be fixed there.
I should've said in my last post that I did talk to Intel at least a few weeks ago. And they said that they're not responsible for generating data for third-party apps, so i have to contact the developers.